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At Villa Alegría, our mission is to provide unparalleled specialized care and unwavering love to our residents. Located in the heart of Costa Rica, our dedication to creating a safe and nurturing environment knows no boundaries. We welcome residents not only from Costa Rica but from all corners of the global. Our commitment to superior care and a compassionate atmosphere transcends borders for Specialized Nursing Homes. Villa Alegría stands as a haven of support and warmth for those facing memory and mobility challenges worldwide.

We Offer Specialized Care

Expert Alzheimer’s Care

Specialized and compassionate care for Alzheimer’s patients, providing a safe and nurturing environment to enhance their quality of life.

Nursing Home Services

Heat affects older adults, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Comfortable and supportive long-term residence for seniors, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Assisted Living Solutions

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Assisted living that promotes independence and quality of life, offering support when needed.

Golden Age Nursing Home

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Dedicated senior care services, ensuring the well-being and comfort of our residents with a focus on individualized support and compassion.

Specialized Memory Care Nursing Home

Memory Care Nursing Plans

Tailored care plans to meet the unique needs of each resident, ensuring comfort, security, and well-being.

Medical Services Community

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Comprehensive skilled nursing home services with a focus on medical care, comfort, and dignity for our residents.


Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me
Mercedes Calero con su madre Doña Mercedes

“My mother has been a resident at Villa Alegría nursing Home since April 2007. I highly recommend Villa Alegría to anyone placing a loved one in a nursing home.
It’s hard to separate from a loved one, but Villa Alegría gives me great relief knowing my mom is in a home-like environment, and not just a facility. The staff including the management goes the extra mile, it’s not just a job to them.
I will never be able to repay them for all of the love and care that they have provided for my mom.
God bless the family (because that’s what they are for us) at Villa Alegria as each one gives i their own special way.”

Mercedes Calero.
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

“It was a very difficult decision to have to put my mother in a Nursing Home .
We tried every way possible to keep her with us in our home, but her health and safety demanded better care.
Villa Alegria was recommended by a friend after a bad experience with a home in San Jose.
We are thrilled with the loving, safe, clean environment at Villa Alegría. Healthy meals, respect and lots of love are provided by all of the staff. Marjorie and her daughter, Diana are incredible people.
Diana speaks fluent English and has taken Mom to dentist and doctor appointments. A doctor visits once a week”

Lynn H.
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

“My grandmother Clemencia Granados Berrocal was a resident at Villa Alegria for a significant number of years and I consider it an honor and privilege to write about her stay there where she enjoyed a personal, loving but very professional care. 
After going thru various nursing homes, we found in Villa Alegría what we wanted for my grandmother and in many aspects it turned out to be beyond our expectations. 
One key element was that it made us feel that Villa Alegria was an extension of our own family. After her passing last year, this has become ever more real since we have continued to visit frequently and are very interested in how things keep on going.”

Sumaya Grisales.

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